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Which Sound Amplifier Is Right For Me?

MSA PRO™️ Sound Amplifier
most popular
MSA 30x®
MSA 30x® Sound Amplifier
Elite Ear™
EliteEar™️ Sound Amplifier - up to 40 hours of continuous use
Hear-acle™ Sound Amplifier
Turbo Ear
Turbo Ear Sound Amplifier
Microbionic Sound Amplifier
Style Behind The Ear Behind The Ear Behind The Ear In The Ear In The Ear In The Ear
Usage Time up to 20 hours up to 10 hours up to 40 hours 75+ hours up to 12 hours up to 10 hours
Amplification up to 30x up to 30x up to 30x up to 11x up to 26x up to 22x
Batteries Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable Included Rechargeable Rechargeable
Fits Both Ears
Price $29.99 $19.99 $49.99 $19.98 $29.98 $29.99
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In The Ear Amplifiers

Discreet devices that fit directly inside the ear canal, enhancing sound without being noticeable.

Ear Care

Everyday Ear Care Solutions

For Children

Small, lightweight and easy to use.

A sound amplifier is not a substitute for a hearing aid or intended for use by hearing impaired people, but rather is intended for non-hearing-impaired consumers to amplify sounds in the environment for a number of reasons, such as for recreational activities. The FDA advises anyone who suspects hearing loss to seek an evaluation by a healthcare professional.